Attica Review

I’m on vacation at the moment, so my already infrequent posts will be even more infrequent! I have a few amazing meals during my trip in Hong Kong and Japan which I will definitely blog about. Stay tuned! 4th December was mum’s birthday, it was a “round” number last year and we went to Vue … More Attica Review

Kappo Review

Decided to do a degustation last minute on Friday. Saw Kappo opening up during the week and the concept sounded pretty exciting. Simon Denton opened Verge years ago, and then converted to a day time Japanese eatery Nama Nama. Also opened the Hihou Bar upstairs in 2012. Also has his famous Izakaya Den nearby which … More Kappo Review

Sezar Review

  Went past this place after going into the Kelvin Club next door one day during the Melbourne Open house. I’ve been told its pretty good and thus had no choice but to organise a dinner to Sezar. I was told it was Armenian food with a modern twist. I dont’ know what to expect, … More Sezar Review

Aka Shiro Review

  Reminds me of going to Japan when we visit Aka Shiro. I have been to Japan numerous times and love the food, the meticulous nature of how they cook. This little Japanese homely cafe has been our little lunch spot on weekends. Place is Japanese owned and run, menu mainly includes Teishoku (Set menu … More Aka Shiro Review

Addict Review

Happen to drive past this new kid on the block Addict on Johnston Street, Fitzroy. Was meeting up with some friends and suggested to try this place out. After just being here, I was filtering through the top 25 cafes in Melbourne from the Herald Sun, and Addict was in it. A one page menu … More Addict Review

New Shanghai Emporium

I heard about this place from my hairdresser. She knew something about dumplings but couldn’t remember the name. I would have known if Din Tai Fung was coming to Melbourne. So went up to emporium to check it out. Located in the “food court” of emporium ( I know they don’t like calling this). Rather … More New Shanghai Emporium