ANZ Black Qantas Frequent Flyer Credit Card Promotion – 50000 points, free annual fee first year

ANZ has a special going on until 30th June 2015. I you apply and get approved, spend $3000 within the first 3 months you will get 50000 QFF or ANZ rewards points. The other perk is of course annual fee free for the first year. (Usually $425 inc QFF opt in)

Main Perks summary

  • Good points ratio QFF AMEX – $1 – 1.5 QFF *VISA $1 – 0.75 (Which is probably the best big 4 bank earn rate)
  • Additional 1 point per $1 on Qantas Products
  • uncapped points
  • 2 x complimentary Qantas Lounge passes
  • Unlimited entry to airport lounges outside Australia through veloce
  • Discounted Qantas Club Membership
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance by QBE once you spend $250 (per event though)
  • 50000 points + free annual fee first year
  • Should be able to pay ATO with these cards, 1.45% with the AMEX is the one to go for.


  • Requires income over 75k to apply
  • VISA point ratio still doesn’t compare to other cards which can be $1 to 1 point.
  • Extended warranty only increases by 1 year if its 1-5 year warranty. Westpac is better.

My Take

  • Free 50000 QFF points and annual fee free (cancel once you get the points)
  • can sell QFF lounge pass if you don’t use it
  • QFF can be hard to redeem at times
  • Should apply before they finish in June

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