Tsukiji & Ueno

Bit of a foodie day today.The run down is as follows

  • Tsukiji for sushi/kaisendon
  • Ueno for Anmitsu (Mihashi)
  • Asakusa for Hoppi/Izakaya
  • Okonomiyaki  in Kitasenju
  • Local Japanese eatery in Kitasenju

We left mid morning for Tsukiji which is walkable from our hotel. This is the view from the Tokyo Park Hotel. The hotel’s lobby is located on level 20 or so, not on the ground floor, but the views you get from the reception area is just amazing. You can over see the roppongi area.

View from Tokyo Park Hotel

Took us about 20 mins to walk to Tsukiji. We got out a bit later than we wanted to and even on a weekday, the market was packed. I’ve been to the market before and if you want to see the tuna auction which is so famous for, you gotta be there bright and early 5 am or something. A good experience and then you can have your favourite sushi afterwards. Theres quite a lot of shops to choose from, but the queues were just wayyy too long. So we chose the sushi place with the shortest queue.

Tsukiji market packed in the morning

Here was one which was packed and the queue started into the street. There were quite a few Chinese tourists, and people in the restaurant can even speak some chinese now! Talk about following the flow.

Kaisendon Restaurant

Instead we went next door to Bentomi sushi.

Sushi Bentomi

You can peer through the windows to see what they’re eating, but there were very limited seats probably 10-12 max and all on the counter.

It’s open, salivating but we can’t get in yet!

Peering through, you see the chef at work. There were 2 sushi chefs and an employee working in this small sushi restaurant.

Sushi chef at work

The menu consisted of some sets and kaisendons.

Bentomi Menu

You can also order a la carte if you can read Japanese. They had a “Today’s special” which i was able to read and IK had that.

Bentomi Menu on the board

I naturally went for the kaisendon. This was so friggin good. The uni, the crab, the popping roe and salmon and tuna. hmmmm.


This is IK’s gentei which included 10 pieces of sushi.

Today’s Special

And a front view. She gobbled it all up in no time.

Today’s special

She also wanted to try the chu-toro (Tuna belly) which is very nice as well.


And also a Anago (sea eel) which was delicious.


We were pretty content with this meal and after a short work, we went to Akihabara! Akihabara is known for its anime/electronics/manga books, and cosplay (girls dressed up in anime costumes ) I just wanted to be one for 5 secs…


We were walking towards ueno and were already salivating. Gindako is known for its Takoyaki and have a few franchises around. They had to have some anime posters since its Akiba after all.


Recognise this? Ippudo famous ramen. They have it in Hong Kong so didn’t bother trying this out.


Finally we got to Mihashi (known for its Japanese sweets)

MIhashi front of shop

Recommended by our friend.


Anmitsu is well known here.


We had a few to share. This was kuri-zenzai. A chestnut and red bean soup/dessert. This had a hot mochi inside, and a side of salty konbu to neutralise the sweetness. Very interesting indeed!

Kuri Zenzai

Had 1 type of anmitsu (fruit cream) with soft serve. Quite nice.

Fruit cream anmitsu

and a macha icecream anmitsu which was amazing as well.

Macha icecream anmitsu

This shop is the main shop and has very famous Japanese desserts. Highly recommend this place if you’re around Ueno.


4-9-7 Ueno, Taito-ku
Tel: 03-3831-0384

Bentomi Sushi

Tsukiji Market Central Wholesale Building no. 8
Tokyo Metropolis, Chuo Ward
Tsukiji District, 5 Chome 2-1-8-4

Next up – Asakusa and Kita Senju for a local but awesome dinner.



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