Amex Platinum Edge – Free annual fee and bonus 10000 points for you!

Those who know me, know I love my points. I’m sharing this one because it’s a fantastic deal and one of the best AMEX cards in terms of points earning IMO. other than the reserve which is my favourite, this is my second favourite.

Whats good about this card?

  • 3 Points earned per dollar in Supermarkets
  • 2 Points earned per dollar in Petrol stations
  • 1 Point earned for any other AMEX purchases
  • 0.5 Point earned for government / utility bill
  • FREE annual free for the 1st year – usually $195 dollars
  • If you click on my referral link you can get 10000 bonus points instead of 5000 points from the website.
  • You can transfer your MR points into 9 different airlines. Yes NINE.
  • FREE domestic flight. I don’t think you can do east west coast apparently. My reserve just beats it as it goes to New Zealand, but you can definitely fly virgin to sydney/brisbane no problems.

What does this mean?

  • A hell of alot of points! If you compare paying the best bank amex point earn rates they usually give you $1 to 1.5 point, so you earn double the amount of points per dollar. Winner. (Well only for supermarket spends) but WAIT. Woolworths and Coles have an array of different gift cards partners e.g. BIG W, Dick Smith, Caltex, Myer, Coles Express etc. So you can buy the gift cards and get 3 points per dollar! That might be different say you go to Myer, because you can go to the online mall and buy gift cards for 2 points per dollar plus your best AMEX card earn rate so essentially you can get 3.5 points per dollar that way. So it might be usual for coles express, big W etc. You just need to go to gift card section and see what you want.
  • You can transfer to NINE airline partners. So my favourite use is asian miles which has much better award availability than Qantas and the points required are LESS.

Wheres the link?

  • Just click on here and off you go! I got IK to sign up for it so i could get 10k points and she will too. I already got my 10k points immediately. MR points gets credited almost immediately so theres no real wait like qantas.

Bottom Line

  • Get this deal before the annual free offer ends. No brainer if its free, get 10k points, better earn rate and free flight.

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