Sapporo (Bier Garten, Rouryu Ramen, Picante, Tanukikoji Street etc!)


We got to Sapporo pretty late after a long day at Otaru. Takes about an hour or so to drive back to Sapporo. We wanted to have some Genghis Khan (Lamb Mutton) for dinner. We asked our Japanese friends and they recommended us to go to Sapporo Bier Garten. We took the train and walked about 15 mins to get here. DSC_3029

Japanese Bier Garten

When you get there, you have a choice of three Genghis Khan restaurants. 1. The Kessell Hall which we ended up going to, 2. The garden grill and 3. Lilac. I told the guy, my wife loves MEAT, so which one would you recommend? He goes ” They all have meat ” Thanks I know that! But he suggested to go to the Kessell Hall because of the atmosphere. Kessell Hall is a red brick building with ivy climbing up the walls. It is known for its massive cauldron.

Sapporo Bier Garten in Kessel Hall

Heres the Giant Cauldron. Bar tenders were beneath this pouring tap beers.

Giant Cauldron

Obviously we went for the lamb mutton. There were some all you can eat menus, but we thought we can’t possibly eat that much. So we went for a few lamb sets which includes vegetables. They taught us how to grill the mutton. Meat in the inside, vegetables on the outside and they used some lamb fat as oil.

Lamb Mutton

Closer look at the grill. It can get pretty messy so they give you a paper apron with sapporo Bier Garten on it.

The Grill

Some Mutton on the grill. I wouldn’t say it was that tasty or that good. There wasn’t much sauce that goes with it. Only came with some pepper and salt.

Mutton on the grill

We also ordered a side of Grilled Calamari. Standard stuff.

Grilled Calamari

After some mutton, we walked around Sapporo for a bit. It was getting cold, but thought we should check out what Sapporo was like. We went past the Sapporo Tower.

Sapporo Tower

During winter and the christmas season, there are many christmas lights near the tower.

Christmas illumination

The next day we had a list of a few places to go to. First was this place! Ryoryu Ramen. I was expecting a super busy place and a queue. However… there was not a person in sight. This place was out in the suburbs and luckily we had the GPS which accurately took us here. We opened the door and I asked the owner who seemed to be doing this for donkey years ” are you open”. He goes ” errr wwaaiiit please!” Japanese really follow every single friggin step and rules. I mean if they don’t open until 12 they don’t friggin open! He was kind enough to let us sit and told us to wait.

Ryoryu Ramen

It seems to be a very local ramen place. Obviously no english. It was only run by the old man and his wife. But he seemed like a veteran when making the broth. He scoops a bit of the miso and puts a little bit at a time into the soup to make it JUST right. Sapporo is known for its Miso Ramen.

Ryoryu Ramen Menu

As you can see Right to Left, Miso ramen is first on the list for 700 yen. About 7 bucks Aussie. Cheap as.

Menu Close up

IK wanted the butter corn Miso ramen. They actually put a block of butter on top. so rich. It was creamy and so good. The broth tasted so good. And the most importantly you can drink the broth. Most broths I had in Japanese ramen are wayyy too fat.

Butter corn Miso Ramen

I just went for the normal Miso Ramen. Just as tasty. Probably the best ramen I’ve had for a long time.

Miso Ramen

Next stop! Picante! Another speciality in Sapporo is the curry soup. Our friend who lived in Sapporo for a few years told us about this place. It’s a pretty weird place actually. The menu is quite complicated.

Picante Menu

Again a little off the CBD maybe 15 mins away. Snowing quite heavily so we rushed in.



Welcome Sign

Front of Picante.


Lots of one piece inspired menus….

Random advertisements and one piece ….

So what you have to do is to choose the soup base. They have strange names for their soups. wtf is a GOAN dish anyway. There are also specials for each day of the week.

After the soup, you choose what you want in it. e.g. chicken thigh etc.

Then you choose the degree of chilli in your soup.

Picante menu

I saw there was some Lasii so IK ordered a mango lasii.

Mango Lassii

I wanted to be a bit more Japanesy and went for the Yuzu Lassi.

Yuzu Lassi

We were pretty full from the ramen so we ordered just one dish to share. Fried chicken thigh.

Fried chicken thigh curry soup

The soup was a bit watery, I preferred something a bit thicker. Maybe because i didn’t know what to order. also came with some rice.


After that we went to the Nijo Market. It was a fairly small market with some sushi shops and fresh seafood.

Nijo Market

Hokkaido CRAB… Looks so good. didn’t buy any unfortunately. My tummy was about to explode.

Hokkaido Crab

We then went to do some shopping at the Tanuki koji. This place was so long. So long it goes far beyond your eyes can see. Its a shopping district which sells mostly food, souvenirs etc. we bought lots of chocolates back home.


We drove back to chitose and walked around the airport. There is quite a bit to see in the Sapporo airport. IK wanted to have some calbee. I was like okay go for it, and then found out that its bloody calbee with CHOCOLATE. They freshly make the chips for you and add icecream and chocolate on top. Worse combination ever.

Calbee ice-cream

Here it is. So evil…

Calbee icecream

After eating some sushi in the airport and a few other things, we took a domestic flight to Tokyo!

Overall, we wished we stayed at least 5 days in Sapporo. There seemed to be much more to see. But I think we did quite well squeezing all these places in 2 days.

Next up – Tokyo!



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