Otaru & Otaru Music Box Museum

After checking out, we drove to Otaru town which was around 10 mins drive. We wanted to visit the Sankaku Fish Market and find somewhere for lunch. It was snowing quite heavily this day, and we took a while to drive around to find parking. Theres no street parking like there is in Aust. Its all pay parking. So there was one right next to the market after going round and round. We parked and stumbled here. Kaisen don! Theres quite a few Kaisendon restaurants in here, some with a fish shop attached to it.

There are so many choices! Prices are fairly reasonable i feel given the size. Look at the ikura!

Menu of Kaisendon
Menu in the restaurant

Wanted some humongous oysters as well. They were not that tasty unfortunately. No freshness in the taste.


Lots of photos on the ceiling. I think of celebrities and random patrons.

Photos on the wall

Flat head fish sashimi. FRESH.

Flat head sashimi

I went for this Kaisen don. Has Uni, ikura, crab and salmon. Salivating.


Another angle just incase.

Kaisen Don

Fish soup. Very nice.

Fish Soup

Japanese are known for their vending machines. Cheap as well.

Japanese vending machines

After lunch, decided to go to Otaru Station. its snowing but its such a pretty little town.

Otaru Station

Streets of Otaru. Many little shops in Otaru.

Streets of Otaru

Walked past this place. Kitakaro. They sell lots of sweets, esp biscuits, castellas, ice cream etc. They have lots of tastings, so you can get pretty damn full once you’re in there! WE obviously bought lots of souvenirs.


Our main attraction of the day. Otaru Music Box Museum! Nice little historic building on the corner.

Otaru Music Box Museum

Grandfather clock to come with it.

Grandfather clock

Lets have a look inside. They have godzillions of music boxes. Its close to christmas, so santa ones, key rings, ferris wheels etc. you name it they have it. They have about 3 floors. I think the top floor is a museum. This was just amazing.

Inside the music box museum.

Lots of different types of figurines. Who’s this?

in the music box factory

Even sell lamps. Who’s holding this USA flag?

Music Box Lamp.

IK spend probably 2 hours here. We bought many little gifts for our nieces and they loved it to bits.

We will probably come back here again very soon. There’s so much to see and we only had really 1 day….

Next up – Mazasushi in Otaru. Famous sushi restaurant in Otaru.


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