Otaru Mazasushi

After walking for a while, we wanted to have a late lunch. I mean we haven’t had sushi yet. in Japan and we’re dying to try out some Hokkaido sushi. Here is the Otaru Canal. Quite famous apparently. Alot of boutique shops along the canal.

Otaru Canal

Here is the glass wear shop. We didn’t have time to go in!


Otaru Glasswear shop

Ro Man Kan – Translated as Romantic shop (something like that). Little ornaments and little souvenirs, jewellery etc.

Otaru Ro Man Kan

Here it is. Theres a few sushi restuarants along this canal. This is meant to be the most famous one. Otaru Mazasushi.

Otaru Mazasushi

We sat at the bar because i wanted an interaction with the chef. I told him a spoke some Japanese and he was delighted. I had a sushi set with an appetiser, and IK had another set. Some tofu to start.


My set had some squid and uni with some dipping sauce.

Raw Squid with sea urchin

Weird looking devil.

ok… its some sorta devil

Heres the counter. Typical Japanese sushi restaurant.

Over the counter

Pretty quiet during lunch time. You have to have sushi over the counter, so they can put it on your plate.

The sushi counter

Heres IK’s set. Typical flare of sushi. It was delicious.

IK’s sushi set

Mine was a bit smaller because i had the appetiser. Wasn’t bad.

My sushi set

Miso soup to finish.

Miso Soup

Rating : 14/20

Thoughts : Well, it was nice sushi, nice environment, but i was expecting a bit more with the sushi. Wasn’t bad, but maybe different types of sushi. Next time maybe we should go for the omakase. Or if a local took us, might have been different.

Dish of the day : no doubt you want sushi…

Address :

1-1-1 Hanazono, Otaru 047-0024, Hokkaido.

Next review : Sapporo!



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