Asakusa’s Sensoji & Kitasenju’s Ajihisa izakaya

Next stop was Asakusa’s Sensoji. On the way we saw this cool mural on the wall. So artistic. Sensoji is Tokyo’s oldest temple and most historical. It is the ground for the famous festival – Sanja Matsuri. Probably one of Tokyo’s most iconic tourist spot. Famous for its gate in the front – called kaminarimon … More Asakusa’s Sensoji & Kitasenju’s Ajihisa izakaya

Tsukiji & Ueno

Bit of a foodie day today.The run down is as follows Tsukiji for sushi/kaisendon Ueno for Anmitsu (Mihashi) Asakusa for Hoppi/Izakaya Okonomiyaki  in Kitasenju Local Japanese eatery in Kitasenju We left mid morning for Tsukiji which is walkable from our hotel. This is the view from the Tokyo Park Hotel. The hotel’s lobby is located … More Tsukiji & Ueno

Amex Platinum Edge – Free annual fee and bonus 10000 points for you!

Those who know me, know I love my points. I’m sharing this one because it’s a fantastic deal and one of the best AMEX cards in terms of points earning IMO. other than the reserve which is my favourite, this is my second favourite. Whats good about this card? 3 Points earned per dollar in … More Amex Platinum Edge – Free annual fee and bonus 10000 points for you!

Tokyo Part 1

I’m on a roll here with blogging. Must be my new year resolution for 2015. Theres just quite a bit to blog which is fantastic. Hope you guys are enjoying it. So, we got to Narita Airport quite late, our friend was kind enough to pick us up from the airport and we took the … More Tokyo Part 1

Sapporo (Bier Garten, Rouryu Ramen, Picante, Tanukikoji Street etc!)

  We got to Sapporo pretty late after a long day at Otaru. Takes about an hour or so to drive back to Sapporo. We wanted to have some Genghis Khan (Lamb Mutton) for dinner. We asked our Japanese friends and they recommended us to go to Sapporo Bier Garten. We took the train and … More Sapporo (Bier Garten, Rouryu Ramen, Picante, Tanukikoji Street etc!)

Otaru Mazasushi

After walking for a while, we wanted to have a late lunch. I mean we haven’t had sushi yet. in Japan and we’re dying to try out some Hokkaido sushi. Here is the Otaru Canal. Quite famous apparently. Alot of boutique shops along the canal. Here is the glass wear shop. We didn’t have time … More Otaru Mazasushi