Shop Small AMEX, Recieve $10 dollars credit after $20 spend

This has to be one of the best perks once or twice a year AMEX has. See link.  Basically, once you have spent $20 in any participating small shop that takes AMEX card, you get $10 credit into your statement.

See here for list of participating restaurants/shops.

All you have to do is register here and enter your AMEX details before spending!

There is also a chance to win 2 business class tickets with Qantas to the destination of your choice!


  • You only get $100 max in credits. So 10 x $20 transactions
  • Only valid for November 2014.
  • You can only get $10 credit for registered card once for that shop/restaurant. So if you go again during this month, you won’t get another $10 credit.
  • Ineligible cards include
    • AMEX business accounts
    • Government Cards
    • Corporate purchasing cards
    • Corporate meeting cards
    • Corporate cards (whatever these cards are!)
  • You can register also with the following Bank issued AMEX cards
    • Commonwealth Bank
    • Westpac
    • ANZ
    • NAB

So recently me and IK have been going to places which take AMEX. The little perk/ tip to get $20 bucks off your meal is this and also to maximise your points as well, as my AMEX platinum reserve gets you 3 points per dollar which is terrific bonus. So if I can only use it once per restaurant, you need to get a supplementary card as well or another AMEX. Don’t forget supplementary card holders also need to register to get the bonus credit.

Most restaurants nowadays allow you to split bill which is the key. As long as its over a $20 transaction, you will get the $10 credit. I probably feel bad if there was a group of 3 and all of us split bill would be a hassle for the staff.  I’ve only got rejected once by a Japanese sushi place but i think its just down to the staff’s inability to be flexible. At the end of the day, you pay the same fees regardless of how many transactions it is. So if thats the case, order separately!

Some places I have visited who take AMEX and have successfully received $10 credit (Usually takes 3 days or so)

  • Hammer & Tong
  • Mamak
  • G2 Korean
  • Pastuso
  • Tao Taos
  • Gekkazan (Who didn’t let me split bill)

$110 credit so far!

PS. I did write about the AMEX Platinum Reserve. Unfortunately it no longer exists… Luckily I still have it and they still let me use it. I imagine there might be new products coming up. So you foodies out there might have to get the AMEX Platinum Card to get the 3 points per dollar bonus. but for a hefty $1200 annual fee!

Quick you have a few weeks to go!


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