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Sezar Menu

Went past this place after going into the Kelvin Club next door one day during the Melbourne Open house. I’ve been told its pretty good and thus had no choice but to organise a dinner to Sezar. I was told it was Armenian food with a modern twist. I dont’ know what to expect, but usually IK doesn’t like Mediterranean food that much. I didn’t know where Armenia is so quickly googled it up. Next to Turkey and Georgia, obviously was expecting quite similar style food. Located in one of many Melbourne laneways, it wasn’t too hard to find.

Sezar Menu

With a nice dark ambience, the restaurant is long but narrow. It has 2 floors, kitchen downstairs and a bar upstairs. We were led upstairs for our table for 4. Couldn’t really decide, so we opted for the banquet menu including the dessert tasting plate. We specially asked if we could get the Spanner Crab Manti and the slow cooked lamb. They were friendly and gladly fulfilled our request. So here we go.

Crispy Potato & Soujak Kofte / Red Pepper Aioli

Like a croquetta, a nice little starter with red pepper aioli.

Oysters with Compressed apple & anise

Next up was some oysters with apple and anise. Quite like the condiments that came with the oyster, refreshing and sweet dressing.

Spinach & Feta Boreg / Aleppo Mayo

Quite a crunchy and nice dish with a nice mayo. Spinach and feta can’t go wrong together.

Light decorations
CURED OCEAN TROUT / Apple & fennel salad, crème fraiche & roe

Another refreshing dish. Doesn’t seem very mediterranean at the moment. Had a nice fennel and apple salad on top, topped with salmon roe.

GRAIN SALAD / Toasted nuts, labne and shoots

Starting to get more middle eastern now. Grain Salad with toasted nuts, labne and shoots.


Bar on the 2nd floor.

LULE KEBAB / Spiced lamb kebab, sour cherry sauce and baby cos (2pcs)

Lamb skewers. We thought the pita bread was a bit plain. Would have been nice if it was warm or slightly seared before serving.

SPANNER CRAB MANTI / Armenian dumplings, sumac yoghurt & chilli oil

Spanner Crab dumplings was alright. Sauce was good.

View from the 2nd floor

Like how you can see from the top, have a peek of what the chefs are doing. I quite like the decor inside. Thats a big part of modern melburnian restaurants nowadays like even the toilet has to be top notch!


The waitress came over and said it should just pull of just like “this”. and it sure did. Put the fork in, and the meat just pulled away. We couldn’t finish this, we had 2 girls after all.


Just some salad to go with the main.

CHERMOULA ZUCCHINI / Buttermilk yoghurt, barberries, fennel & mint

I love the idea of zucchini fritters, but these were a bit soggy, not the real crunch you get. Came with 2 sauces.


Meat pulling away!


Dark ambience in Sezar.

Dessert Tasting Plate

We were eyeing on this when people started ordering desserts. So its a plate of all their desserts.

  • NEW STYLE BAKLAVA / Crispy filo, walnut toffee ice cream & salted caramel. My dish of the day i reckon. I quite like this modernised version of Baklava filled with ice cream and salted caramel. Great combi.
  • VANILLA PARFAIT / Strawberries, pistachio & rose water syrup. This was the dish in the black plate. I’m not sure, the rose water syrup can be overpowering. I think the textures of all these elements were too similar
  • SEMOLINA CAKE / Slow cooked quince, almonds & crème fraiche ice cream
  • SOFTENED CHOCOLATE GANACHE / Cardamom cake, hazelnuts & orange blossom cream. This with the semolina cake worked out well.
Dessert Tasting Plate

Despite being way too full from the mains, we almost demolished this dessert platter. No one wanted to finish the chocolate ganache…

Overall, it definitely has changed my view on mediterranean cuisine. Some dishes with some modern influences works quite well. I would like to try different mains but definitely made my belly quite happy.

Rating – 15/20

Dish of the day – The Baklava.

Whats hot – the ambience and decor, and friendly staff

Tips – go for the banquet menu. Can’t go wrong.

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