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Nothern Light menu

Been trying most of these restaurants you book from dimmi recently. Mainly because you get extra bonus qantas points if you book through their website. Basically once you book through the qantas restaurant site, you get 100 QFF points per diner. Since we dined in August, it was 150 QFF points per diner. (They had a special in August). You can also earn points with Velocity through here. Velocity uses bookarestaurant website. In September they have a special earning 500 points per booking. Anyway, thought we will try Northern light, given some good reviews and write ups. Again, we don’t usually like going to asian fusion restaurants. But this experience was a bit different indeed.

Located on the busy Smith St, where Gigibaba once was. mostly bar spots available and a few table spots in the front and back of the restaurant. Staff seemed pretty experienced, and having a meal at the bar means you must have good knowledge about drinks and the food. This American waitress at the bar seemed to know her drinks quite well.

Sapporo Beer

Just had a beer to start. They had Sapporo on tap. Also have various wines on the menu. Later on I had a gin and tonic with cucumber. (First time i had that with cucumber and was absolutely refreshing).

Inside Nothern Light

These dangling lights seems to be very popular at most restaurants. I Suits the name of the restaurant as well.

Air dried Blackmore beef, wasabi, yolk, fried potato

Decided not to go for the tasting menu and ordered what we wanted. This beef tartare i think it is! was delicious. Came with some chargrilled bread definitely gave it a different texture and flavour.

Chargrilled bread to accompany the beef.
Smoked Eel, Salmon sushi Croquette
Yakitori, Free range Bannockburn chicken thigh

Too bad the yakitoris were small, but they were damn tasty. came with a bit of mayo sprinkled with Japanese shichimi togarashi.

BBQ’d bug meat, scallop, egg noodle, braised daikon, toasted laver

Thought we might try something different for our mains. This bug meat noodle was a bit lacking in seasoning unfortunately. Very clever and inventive dish we thought, but needed more flavour.

Xin Jiang style Lamb Ribs, BBQ peppers, chilli sauce

Plenty of flavours in this lamb ribs. Obviously using stock and braised well. The meat was off the bone and fairly tasty.

Yuzu cheesecake, black sesame, blood orange, honeycomb

Ok, time for dessert! The honeycomb worked well with the yuzu cheesecake we thought, gobbled it up in no time.

Honey Glazed rice cakes with black sesame

Don’t know if i ever mentioned about our experience with korean rice cakes. We went to one of the markets and we had rice cakes at this stall This old lady ended up feeding us with the korean rice cakes with chilli. Those rice cakes were to die for. Chewy and very fresh. These we thought werent as chewy as they should.

We get a little pack of 7 spice mix as well

We also got a bag of spice mix to take home as well. Overall, there were some interesting dishes we thought were worthy of being “good fusion dishes”. Staff were attentive, and overall had a good range of dishes to sample for the night.

Dish of the day : IK couldn’t recall what she had, so I think looking back at the photos, the lamb seems to be the winner or the beef.

Dish that didn’t live up to the description : Bug meat noodles. Which it had more flavour and seasoning. maybe some more sauce as well.

Drink of the day : Gin and Tonic with cucumber

Will we come back? Yes why not. Whilst writing about this post, realised they changed some of the items on the menu. So worth going back at some stage to try out different things on the menu.

Rating : 15/20

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