IK felt like Italian, so I ventured to St Kilda to Itali.Co. I also wanted extra frequent flyer points, so booked through the site. For those who don’t know, if you book through the site, you can get up to 100 points per diner. Book August this month and get extra 50 points from qantas. Its run by dimmi, so pretty much search any restaurant you can book from dimmi. Mostly famous for its pizzas, there are also some mains, pastas and entrees to share. Staff are mostly Italian, and theres plenty of Italian wines / beers as well.

DSC_1881 menu

IK wanted pizza, so we ordered pizza! We always get the BUNGA BUNGA. Have to say, they have arguably the best pizzas in Melbourne in our opinion. Thin crust, great fresh ingredients and pizza on a stand. What more can you ask?

BUNGA BUNGA Fior di latte, tomato, berkshire sausage, porcini mushroom & parmesan (Awarded best pizza 2013)
BUNGA BUNGA – Fior di latte, tomato, berkshire sausage, porcini mushroom & parmesan (Awarded best pizza 2013)

I think the pasta dish was a rigatoni Buratta. Had cherry tomatos, burrata cheese, basil and i think for this one had some sausage as well. We should have ordered the Spaghettini Del Golfo which was our favourite. (pretty much a spaghettini marinara with a twist).

Rigatoni Burrata


This was a pretty quick meal, we’re already onto desserts! When you think of tiramisu, you always associate it with the sponge cake, coffee, kah lua etc. However, turned out to be a mixed berry tiramisu. To be honest, i think they should stick with the original tiramisu.

TIRAMISÙ AI FRUTTI DI BOSCO – Mixed berry Tiramisu

The rocket and pear had great harmony. Maybe should try this recipe at home!

RUCOLA E GORGONZOLA Rocket leaves and pear dressed in a gorgonzola dressing

Italians are known to be charmers arent they?



It was still quite early. WE booked for 6:00pm and there were people eating already. Quite alot of families. Theres quite a few long tables and one round table which had a lazy susan.  Nice modern deco and pretty good pizzas overall.

Inside Lots of families during the early sitting.

Overall, good Italian food especially their pizzas and pastas. Theres not alot of variety with the mains. Still, definitely one of our favourite Italian restaurants.

Dish of the day – Bunga Bunga PIzza. Must have!

Dish we shouldn’t have ordered? – Tiramisu.

What we needed – a bigger table! Still didn’t have enough space despite having a stand for the pizza.

Will we come back – no brainer!

Rating – 14.5/20

Italico on Urbanspoon


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