Proud Mary Review

We’re running out of places to go ! Sick of going to the same places for lunch. Thought about going to the old faithful Hammer and Tong, but it was Mother’s day and it was packed, queueing up outside as well. IK hates waiting for a table so she suggested Proud Mary which we haven’t been for a while now. Don’t think the menu has changed since we were their last around 1 yr now!  they do have specials on the board which changes.

Proud Mary Menu
Proud Mary Menu

They seem to roast their own beans. I know you should have the temperature of the milk at around 60 degrees otherwise you tend to burn it and lose the sweetness. But I thought it was a bit too cold and tepid. probably at 50-55 degrees. ( I know I’m picky). Otherwise still good.

Cafe Latte @ Proud Mary

Rosettas and Hearts for the latte art. Important for any good coffee is the visual aspect. They also have filtered coffees and cold drips. The girl next to us ordered like 4 cold drips. I mean they are small, but my rule of thumb is never to have more then 2 coffees (use to be 1) a day. Just overkill! Guess she really loved her coffees!

Another Cafe Latte @ Proud Mary

So pondered through the menu, couldn’t really up my mind. I then start looking around other people to see what they have. Went for the Potato Hash which has charred kale, double smoked bacon, an organic poached egg and potato hash. It was quite filling, The bacon was suprisingly good, usually most cafes go for the safeway middle bacon or something and it is a bit boring. You would think I can cook that bacon at home why should I be ordering bacon. But this was thicker, nice fat rendered through as well. A little bit of dill on that and waaalaaa. Look simple and fairly tasty.

Potato Hash

IK pondered as well. I don’t know if its a good sign we couldn’t decide what to have. She opted for the Parmesan pudding. Jamon, Asparagus, poached egg and parmesan pudding on french toast. What can I say if IK finishes it whole, it means its acceptable for her standard. (She is hard to please! Women nowadays!) I didn’t have a taste of it so I can’t really comment on it. Sounds good, looks good, probably tastes good.

Parmesen Pudding

Overall, its been a while since we have been here. I don’t think it has been as busy as we got spots immediately. I guess with all these different cafes opening up around the area, there are much more choices now. Good thing they take AMEX – x 3 points for me ! yay. I guess as everyone gets more particular with the fine dining brunch places, the competition will continue to heat up.

Rating 13/20

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