On Nom Dessert Bar Review

After a massive meal at Saint Crispin, our next stop was On Nom Dessert Bar. I booked this place already, in hindsight, should have ordered one less dessert at Saint Crispin. This place has been on our to go list for a while as IK is a massive sweet tooth.

It was her birthday and I didn’t tell her where we were going.

Located where Ezard is but its up a few stairs in the Adelphi Hotel. Its sorta of in the lobby but at the other end of it. There were some seats which can swing and a bunch of tables as well as a nice bar.

Seems cozy, not too busy and very attentive staff. I think if you have dessert fetish friends, you have to take them here. There is a massive menu of desserts. I would call this a Dessert Restaurant, they do savoury things as well, but its on the second page! Who said you have to have desserts before sweets nowadays?

They also have High Tea and a Dessert Degustation (50pp, choice of 3 desserts or something like that). Also on the menu are liquid desserts, cocktails as well. The staff came up to us and told us about the place and that their head chef Christy Tania is going to be on Masterchef this season! Their recommendation was the Mango Alfonso (as this was going to be on Masterchef).

The Menu

The Bar

So the Mango Alfonso came. So its basically Mango and Shiso Profiteroles, kalamansi sorbet, Coconut Lemongrass foam & most but not least real gold leafs on top.  This was layered very carefully, yet the flavours are to clear and the cohesion of it all was just perfect.

Mango Alfonso

I think this was the winner for us. Raspberry Field. I called them up prior just to tell them it was IK’s birthday. So 3 of their staff came to sing happy birthday to her. Knew I ticked all the boxes that night! Anyway This had Raspberry and Lychee Sorbet, raspberry and rosewater panna cotta, raspberry and lychee spheres, Meringue. It is presented very well, looks like 2 mushrooms and a “field” I guess. Again all the flavours matched very well. the only thing was I would have preferred the meringue to be a bit more crunchier. It was a bit too sticky and was hard to eat.

Raspberry Field
Raspberry Field

Overall, it was 2 amazing desserts we had. The atmosphere was perfect for romantic dates and just a bit of quiet time. The seats which swung reminded us of a Taiwanese cafe in Bourke St when we first dated. Really want to try the other desserts, unfortunately, we have already filled our second tummy.

Rating 16/20

Other places to ponder for high end desserts.

Cafe Rosamond – 191 Smith St. Pierre Roelof’s dessert nights on Thursday are still as popular as ever. Must have are the test tubes which are filled with different things each month. Quite pricey when you think about it, On Nom is much better in terms of quantity for sure.

B & P – 647 Chapel Street. This dessert bar has lots going on. cakes seem to rotate most of the time. ($9 per piece). Theres a card for each cake listing all the ingredients in them. Also do birthday cakes, chocolate, ice-cream and obviously you can see the crew at work at the back.

Lux Bite – 38 Toorak Rd. We ordered our wedding cake here (Lolly bag cake) They don’t conventionally do wedding cakes, but we wanted a cake that we knew would taste good. Yen & Bernard have been doing quite well with their boutique store after being on masterchef. Also check out their asian flavoured macarons. (Prefer them over Zumbos)

Any other places you would consider for dessert?

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