AMEX Platinum Reserve

Also want to give a few reviews of my credit cards.

AMEX Platinum Reserve

This card is usually my go-to card if they accept AMEX. However, it really depends where and what I spend it on. As I frequent lots of restaurants this card gives me the most points for that purpose.

Point System – I opt for the AMEX Ascent program which is very advantageous as it has 9 different airline frequent flyer programs you can transfer your points into. For me, Cathay Pacific will be the main one as I travel back to HK once a year. The other pros are there is no expiry date on these points if they are under the membership rewards.

  • 3 points per $1 AUD spent in Australian restaurants listed on the AMEX website. So even if you go to Maccas or something you get 3 points per dollar spent.
  • 2 point per $1 AUD spent on airlines,accom,cruises, tour and on international purchases. see site.


  • 30000 free membership points when you sign up. or 40000 if you are referred by an existing card holder (Contact me if you would like a referral. I get commission with this by earning 20000 points with each referral)
  • Good point system with no expiry
  • Free return Virgin flight domestically or internationally* (only to New Zealand) or free one night accommodation at certain hotels in Australia.
  • Free Priority Pass to Lounges international airports. (limited to 2 / year)
  • Free International Travel Insurance (ACE insurance)


  • Hefty Annual fee of $395 (Can get it cheaper when I opted in with membership programs)
  • Priority Pass can only be used if in Australia (Melbourne international Airport only) Cannot be used for guests. They pay $27USD per visit
  • 3 points is only attainable if the restaurants listed in their AMEX website. So you may need to check whether the place you dine has that before you pay with this card. My rule is, if it takes AMEX and they don’t take surcharge, they are usually on the list.


  • Often get emails from AMEX about credit back with certain shops/spends etc.
  • also check their Membership rewards bonus partners. e.g. if you book through the hotelclub AMEX site, you get 10 points per $1. See here for full list of offers.
  • Extra bonus points with the Local Champion App (You need Iphone and the AMEX app to play this) see Keith Mason’s how to guide for this.


  • Best card to accumulate points for those foodies out there. Hefty annual fee, but i think its worth it considering the benefits and free flight. Let me know if you like a referral!

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