Fukuryu Ramen

Ok. We sort of touched on this new place Fukuryu Ramen in Corrs Lane. Little hidden laneway off China Town. It was hard to find. I think they just had a new signage today or something. You have to go upstairs into this newly renovated level 1 space which you had to line up and pay first. No EFPTOS facility and a fluorescent box menu.

The Menu
The Menu

What surprised me was the price of the Kirin ciders. Fairly popular now especially in some korean restaurants and grocers. $8 for 500mL. Pretty good price. It was fairly packed considering it was a week night, but turn over was pretty quick.

We waited for a bit, there was a little tray of utensils and some condiments like soy sauce and shichimi-togarashi for the ramen obviously. Sitting on little wooden stools, I looked around to check out the decor. There was bike rack I assume to let people put bikes on top? Hmmm bit odd i thought considering you’ll have to weave your way up the stairs with the bike.

Bike Rack
Bike Rack

Anyway onto the food. We both ordered the signature tonkotsu ramen.

Signature Tonkotsu Ramen
Signature Tonkotsu Ramen ($9.90)

Bowls were pretty small. Soup was thick and a little on the fat side. The egg and the veggies were good. However there were plenty of noodles. These are not my favourite noodles for ramen. I prefer the Momotaro ramen which is a bit more curlier and punchier on the palate. It has half an egg, decent size pork and some veggies. We also ordered chicken wings and chicken karaage which came with some mayo sauce. (both were pretty good value $5.90) Since it just opened, there was a special for a free green tea soft serve. Nothing special about this, just sweet and grainy.

packed for a week day

Crowd seems to be mostly younger people who finished work or people like me who just wanted to try out new stuff.


Open Kitchen, you can check out these fellas doing their thing to pump out these Ramen. Since its new and maybe some native Japanese, only heard one or two “いらしゃいませ” whilst we were eating there which means “Welcome”. In Japan there is much more vigour and shouting pretty much every patron that walks in the door. You kinda need that atmosphere to really feel you’re in Japan.

Other places to ponder for Ramen

Momotaro Rahmen on Bridge Rd
(personally my long time favourite for Tonkotsu ramen) but also their rice dishes are pretty good

Little Ramen Bar on little bourke st
Only been here once. Long queue when they first opened and limited seating of around 20 only. They have an option of this jumbo sized ramen. (ramen was a bit fat i thought)

Mensousai Mugen in Blingh pl

This new kid on the lock is located in Bligh Pl in the CBD. In the alleyway along with Robot Bar. Also has Tonkotsu ramen and some cold noodles as well. Seems like native Japanese owned, has a good vibe, but still lacks something with their ramen.

Kokoro Ramen

Haven’t tried this place yet. So can’t comment really!

Rating 12/20

There are better options for tastier Tonkotsu ramen. Guess its cheaper and the tapas dishes are cheaper as well. Still yet to find the best Ramen bar in Melbourne.

Where do people go for their Ramen fix?

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