Ramen Guide in Melbourne and review of Fukuryu Ramen

I’m going to post up a Ramen guide soon in Melbourne. Recently there has been quite a number of ramen places popping out here and there. Where is the best Ramen place in Melbourne? Theres many out there, and I reckon I have been to a fair share of ramen places. I’m posting this, because theres 2 places which has opened up in the city in the past month or so. Mensousai Mugen in Bligh Pl, the little Tokyo if you like to call it. You have the Robot Bar and Hako restaurant in the same lane as well. We went to this new place called Fukuryu Ramen in Corrs Lane. (Check out Broadsheet’s review for more info) Most of you will be familiar with this dodgy Chinatown valet parking. They pretty much fit every single car side to side like a jigsaw puzzle. If you ever need to touch up on some parking skills, get a job there. Anyway, I’m sure most of you would have gone past Yamato when strolling down Chinatown. Little dark alleyway there and on the right side before you hit the Sze Chuan restaurant, upstairs has this bubbling new ramen place. Apparently, its owned by an Indonesian group who have other Chain ramen restaurants. Inside you have wooden chairs/tables, a small and simple menu of Miso/Tonkotsu ramen, Shio ramen and some little tapas like kaaraage and the good ol’ favourite gyozas. There are a few beers on the menu and drinks. Recently there has been an increase in Japanese Ciders (Kirin) which is pretty cheap $8 for 500ml.

I’ll have a more detailed review next. Stay tuned.


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