Town House Toorak Village

My first entry for my blog! yay! My aim is to start reviewing places i frequent, new places I go and try, upload some food porn and photos.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this cafe which opened late last year in Toorak Village. Pretty much the top end of the village, and its pretty exciting to have one of these boutique cafes opening up near my hood. I have been yearning for good coffee around the area for ages. If anyone knows the place well, there are quite a few cafes throughout the village. Romeos – cafe/restaurant which opens like almost 24 hours a day pumps out dark Italian coffee, the menu stays pretty much the same for donkey years. Other new kids on the block include Monkey Bean which pumps out all press coffee and theres another one in the lane way between Woolworths which I have yet to try. But finally one to offer some single origins, filter etc, Townhouse seems to be serious about its coffee. Blends i can see from the counter are from Proud Mary, Mailing room etc.

Town House Toorak Village

The Menu

Cafe Latte

Pouring rosettas in your latte – you are pretty much certain coffee is good (says me!)

Seems like the trend nowadays is to produce top notch food in cafes. This Wagyu Burger was pretty good. Loved the wooden boards (and also the interior) makes it feel modern and rustic at the same time. Chips in a little basket as well.

French Toast with lemon Syrup, strawberries and pecan nuts.

Usually we would either just have the mains and no dessert. However they were really accommodating and we opted for 1/2 a burger and dessert. I think its lacking some more berries in this French Toast. It was a bit dry and a bit boring to be honest. There are better out there.

Rating 13.5/20. Good coffee, some good dishes, lovely staff. Given how close it is from home, no brainer to visit this place more often.
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